The loving husband has a lip, a lip, and a shower! AmalaPaul Hot Wedding Contest!…

AmalaPaul Secret Romance:…

Actress Amala Paul has a controversial role in ‘Sindhu Samalavi’.

AmalaPaul, who fell in love with famous director A L Vijay, divorced her in 2017…

It was during this time that he secretly fell in love with Mumbai’s famous singer Bhavinder Singh.


Amala Paul, who kept her love secret for almost a year, is slowly releasing information about her love and boyfriend

Specifically … Amala Paul’s love story has been on the rise for the last two months.

Amlapal has dived into love life and joined the marriage.

Amalabal as a Bride:

Amalapalal’s marriage is very simple. Pavinder Singh’s family wedding was attended by Amala Paul and Pavinder’s close relatives and friends.

Amala Paul is a big gummy … and looks a bit different from wearing accessories.

Love Kiss

In the photoshoot taken after their easy-going wedding, Corona is in a panic and kissing speech to her romantic husband.

Amala Paul’s photo of Pavinder’s hand goes to the photo, “Dear dear … I will not give up on you.”