Anusuya responds to the question “Did you get drunk …”

Anasuya Bharadwaj, the beautiful actress who later became an anchor on the television screen. How buzzing it looks on screen. The beauty of giving so many contradictory statements on social media. There have been some controversies in the past with comments made by Anushka. Due to the lockdown, it is currently engaging in social media with limited fanfare.

On this occasion she was irritated by a question asked by a netizen. “You have not yet matured,” he said in response to a question from Tarun Bhaskar. If you mature, you will know the real truth. ”

Anasuya asked about the tattoo on the hand and answered it. Her tattoo means “Beauty Soul Deep.”

In response to the question of why he is named Anasuya, it is the name of our grandmother.

Anasuya, who says that her favorite place is her home, is Nalgonda.

Answering the question of who is his favorite, he said, “I like it more than ever.”

The follow-up to the lockdown is very strict.

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He also said something about himself that he loved. He said that he was very emotional, his strength, his weakness.