In the bedroom .. Opening the top .. Famous actress who adds heat .. Drenched fans!

Actress Poonam Bajwa Bedroom hot photos trending on the internet

Actress Poonam Bajwa is opening up her top and posing hot in the bedroom to increase the heat of the internet. His co-star Tenavattu and concert debut with actor Jeeva were well received by the fans in Kollywood.

Poonam Bajwa has been posting sexy photos in this lockdown to revive the recently lost market.

Chatting with fans

Poonam Bajwa has been smartly answering questions from fans of many celebrities like Vijay, Ajith, Vikram, Dhanush, Pawan Kalyan, Yuvan by putting the hashtag #AskPoonam on her Twitter page. Ajith was said to be very handsome and Vijay was said to be the master of Kollywood.

Poonam Bajwa, who rose to prominence as the young heroine of Kollywood as the cock, the temptation, the beginning of the concert, is the director Sundar as the market suddenly collapsed. He maintained his presence in Tamil cinema by playing glamorous roles in films including Palace 2, Muthina Kathirikkai, which was directed by C. GV Prakash’s Kuppattu Raja has also acted in the film with extreme glamor.

Telugu Big Boss

Actress Poonam Bajwa, who has acted in many South Indian films in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, is rumored to be entering the soon-to-be-aired Telugu Big Boss show as a contestant. While he has added a huge fan base to this lockdown on the social website, Big Boss is popular but, moreover, fans are sure to join his page.

As if unbuttoning the jacket

International Friends Day was celebrated a few days ago. Then, Poonam Bajwa, who posed as a cameo in a sari, posed sexy in a photo, as if she had taken off her jacket. More than 1.6 lakh likes were accumulated for that photo. No amount of obscene comments.

Tie the skirt

Actress Poonam Bajwa, who starred in an underwear advertisement, recently went viral by posting photos of herself drinking coffee as Red Hot Beauty in a white skirt. The photo of the coolers in the eyes, with an overcoat on top and a set bed outside, has been well-received among fans.

Peel off the topcoat

He has over 1.8 million followers on his Instagram page. It’s more than just our master Malavika Mohanan. In this situation, at present, the sexy photo given by him to take off his top and make his underwear visible is making the youth hot.