‘Corona’ spreads while having sex ..? What does the doctor say?

‘ Corona ‘ is the same as sex? What is the Dr. Tell Description?…

“Coronation has become so terrifying that we hear this word.

“Corona” is terrified of hearing this word. In such a situation, can a husband and wife have a relationship? Or not? The question bears thousands of questions from men and women.

With normal coughing and colds, many people are having sex, which increases the spread of coronavirus? We asked the Sexology doctor to answer the question.

There is no right answer to this. But it cannot be said “yes” with certainty. Because of the information available so far, is the infection caused by sex? There is clearly no information. But it must be remembered here that the distance from any person infected by this virus is great. Don’t get too close to them. Do not embrace them.

The higher the risk of spreading the virus through coughing and sneezing, the closer you are to such people, the more likely you are to get the virus. We remind you that there is no cure for this disease. So focus on keeping yourself safe from the coronaviruses.

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