Iniya showing off her glamor in a fit dress .. Trendy photos!

Actress Iniya, who is very familiar to Tamil fans with her national award-winning film Vagai Soodava, is now appearing on television.

The best actress has played various roles till date and now the sexy photos of her killer are going viral.

Iniya, who made her Malayalam film debut, is now emerging as the best actress in Tamil as well. Iniya, who made her Tamil debut with films including Yudham Chey and Padakasalai, won many awards and became very famous for her role in the film “Vagai Soodava” directed by Sargunam.

Iniya, who has been fully committed to any role as a family character and a few controversial roles in movies, has now re-posted her photos on the internet following the virality of her recent sexy photos.

These spicy sexy photos of Iniya posing hot in a hot color with a tight Munda bunion as she unfolded the front in a fitting dress in a red braid are now going viral on the internet again.