‘Lockdown time workout helped’; Mia Khalifa shared workout pictures

World-renowned porn star and model Mia Khalifa also focuses on fitness and health. That’s what the star’s Instagram posts suggest.

Mia’s workout was sitting at home during the lockdown. The actress herself often shares workout pictures on Instagram.

Mia, who used to go to the gym regularly, recently posted some pictures and videos of her weight loss and informed her fans.

“I believe I can go to the gym soon,” she told fans yesterday. He also said that gyms should follow all the precautions.

Posts shared by Mia with a lot of fans are getting a good response. The actress’ wedding, which was scheduled to take place this month, was postponed due to Kovid background.

Dec. 1 – Jan. 1 – Feb. 1 – Mar. 1. I weighed 170 lbs 8 years ago, this does not come naturally to me. Which makes me even more proud of the progress! Just a reminder that we all have it in us to change habits, it starts one day at a time. …sometimes two or three times a day

“If the world is to end before Robert Sandauberg walks down the aisle of the church, he must be buried in one of the twelve wedding dresses in his closet,” Mia wrote on Instagram at the time.