Most beautiful .. Piumi Hansamali showing extreme glamor in a black gown!

He is currently viralizing the photoshoot with the bouquets in the photoshoot already taken with the umbrella in the black gown.

The photos posted by the Sri Lankan actress and beauty are being shared fast on the internet.

This Sri Lankan beauty has made the youth sleepy by posting her photoshoot photos taken last night in an ultra-glamorous way to make the fans hot. The heroine of the movie Vasanaya Chanda is waiting for the release of the Malayalam movie Luck Now.

Fans have been posting comments describing what they saw. Some are even posting pornographic comments.

This photoshoot is nothing new, Bhumi Hansamali has already posed in the same black gown, holding a black umbrella in her hand. He is currently rocking the fans by releasing unpublished photos taken during the photo shoot in a bid to impress his fans again.

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