Mr. Universe Chitharesh Natesan’s Wedding Photoshoot Viral; See pictures

Pictures of Mr. Universe Chitharesh Natesan’s wedding photoshoot are now going viral. Chittaresh sparkled Naseeba, a native of Uzbekistan. The two were in love for four years.

Chittareshan’s wish to get married in the Kerala style was realized during the lockdown.

Pictures of the wedding photoshoot are now going viral on social media. The photoshoot took place inside the gym in a wedding dress.

Chitharesh Natesan from Kochi is the only Indian to win the Mr. Universe title. That achievement came last year. Naseeba was the one who stood strong all those days.

The friendship later turned into love. With the addition of Chitharesh Natesan, Naseeba started learning some Malayalam.